Music From a Birdcage is the solo project of veteran Bay Area musician Matt Deems, who has contributed to a number of musical endeavors over the years, most notably as a guitarist and songwriter for the respected San Francisco post-rock group Form and Fate. Written and recorded using only an iPad, a $30 iRig interface, and a guitar, Music from a Birdcage represents Deems first solo undertaking, with the eight-track From My Trench to Yours finding the artist distilling his musical inspirations to their more essential components.

The album lands somewhere along the spectrum between instrumental indie rock and electronic-infused post-rock, as it fuses the DNA of Deems' many musical influences—Mogwai, Russian Circles, Tristeza, Tortoise, Explosions in the Sky, Three Mile Pilot, and Pinback among them—with the penchant for full-bodied riffs and cascading guitar patterns he's shown in his previous projects.


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